Interaction with the Powers

I’m writing this based on some of my interactions with politicians and bureaucrats. I find it rather odd how we delegate others to have complete control over our lives and yet how do we hold these individuals accountable for their actions?

This piece is being written without trying to be politically correct and not trying to offend anyone, if you feel offended, go somewhere else.

Just about every interaction that we enter comes with a condition that we will have to follow every federal, state, county and municipal laws, statutes, rules and ordinances. Realistically who the hell knows all the applicable conditions that needs to be followed? It is a given that needs not to be debated – Some form of government has to exist – .

We can’t have a system of gangs, groups or tribes, even though, it seems, our government appears to be having more and more signs that it is going down this undesirable path.

There are some conditions that I would like to bring forth in relations with the persons that are running these operations.

01- There is no pool of “pure lily white righteous” that our politicians/bureaucrats (P?B) come from. ( you may insert any definition that you want to define the “best fit” individuals “run” the system that we must interact with).

02- I’m not sure what it takes to become elected. I never ran for anything that requires an election and I’m reluctant to tell anyone what is best for them. I can probably tell one what , in my opinion and with what I know what may be the best path to someone’s chosen destination. Final destination is entirely one’s choice along with all the rewards or misery. My saying” You have the greatest idea in the world, but don’t ask me to participate in it or contribute to it” I once was told that to become a politician, a good quality is ” The gift of gab” . I suppose being a good story teller wouldn’t hurt.

03- Bureaucrats aren’t necessary judged by job performance. Once I read something that initially I didn’t quite get it ” Public servants get promoted until they reach their level of incompetence” After I learned this I started to look around and found that it wasn’t as far fetched as I initially believed.

04- “To a man that only has a hammer, everything looks like a nail” Legislator only have the power to legislate. Where do they get the wisdom to legislate everything? I was involved in the private business sector and to run a small and only business at optimum level or anywhere near that level, is a very difficult and time consuming event. How the hell do politicians can possibly regulate thousand of different businesses? I would like to see how well could a politician do if they had to actually live of the proceeds from a single “hotdog” cart. Actually select the location and product mix that the operation would need to be “viable”. I think it would be an eye opener for these guys that only deal in the theoretical ” dimension” of everyday life. Legislators suffer from “Legislative diarrhea” . They pass law but it may be called something else. It may be time for the “ERASER” party to be created. Some of the legislation ought to be scrutinized, and certainly “ONE SIZE” doesn’t fit all. Bad legislation must be addressed and improved. I see law as “whatever the political majority can get away with, at that moment”. Just because it is the “law” doesn’t make it right.

05- Nowadays there are so many regulations with so many pre-requisites for one to open a business, not to mention the fees that are charged.How about if we created a set of regulations and pre-requisites for the one that want to become politicians and in turn to run our lives as legislated by their infinite wisdom? What should be “real world” qualifications for one to become a candidate for public office?

06- Governments are to a large extent self regulated monopolies, with the “tilt” heavily in their favor. I have a concept ” RECIQUITY” it is a mix of reciprocity and equity. I really think that ” having a dog in the fight and skin in the game” drastically changes one’s perspective. If you are playing with someone’s else money the care standards may not be as careful if it was your hard earned money. If one is not “really adversely affected” by one’s own action, it is time to apply some “RECIQUITY” to the event. Federal Government recent “shutdown” , how about if the legislators actually had to forgo all of their earnings from the government as long as the “shutdown” lasted. Would there be a motivation for legislators to work out some agreement sooner than later? What do you think? After all they are the ones that brought this situation.

07- I find rather irritating as one tries to get a ” permit” or a “license”. As I go from one department to another and sometimes from different levels of government, it seems that I have entered another country and they speak another language. Why are we burdened with compliance to all applicable rules and yet there is no such a thing as a yearly index of how much easier has government worked to make compliance, to their own creation, easier to achieve? Another point would be the “Inflation Index Updater”, government sets fixed threshold markers, as inflation devalues the dollar many more individuals start to trigger the threshold markers and here comes additional compliance to be met, when the stated original intent is no longer being met.

08- The equilibrium has been lost, the scale is heavily tilted and it is up to us to bring it back to proper balance. We have to “VOTE”. I don’t care for which side. Maybe a new side must be created. The “ERASER” party could be the swing vote. These politicians would permit legislation to pass by siding with the party that made more sense. Either democrats or republicans wouldn’t be able to do anything by one party alone. The eraser party should be about 1/3 of the legislative branch and willing to play ball to get things done.

09- A change to the electoral political process must be effected. I propose that a single site should give the political candidate something like 15 to 30 minutes to present their “case”. No need to spend millions on telling a “thousand” different stories to a “thousand” different audiences. The cost for the candidate would be minimal and this, at the same time, would preempt the clout of the big donors and special interests. There is a big catch though, people would have to do some homework. There is no free lunch. Want to get something out, put something in. Additionally the same site would be rating the politician on how is he voting versus campaign promises. Next election may seem like a long time away, but it will come it should be a time for reckoning. Lied to us, the streets will be your next office.

10. The system is far from perfect but it is up to us to make it better. ‘ The absences of those who work, are far more important than the presence of the one that do nothing” If you want the moral right to express your discontent with things as they are, help change them for the better.GET INVOLVE, VOTE FOR THE ONE THAT YOU THINK CAN MAKE THINGS BETTER FOR ALL.